News from WhitCo

A Christmas Message

Dear loyal Customers, Suppliers, Friends, Associates and to the amazing Whitco Team

Simply, my thanks to you all for your continued support and to add, how lovely it was to hear from customers and suppliers whom we had lost touch with, and now we are reconnected.  Everyone’s words and actions this year has given us great courage at a time of massive sadness and loss after we were thrown into turmoil following Jeff’s sudden and tragic death. 

We miss Jeff every day and his legacy lives on in much that we do.  Today, we are stronger, we stand confident once again and we are bursting with new ideas and enthusiasm, conviction and ambition and with the motivation to exceed customer expectations and to continue doing business with both our clients and our suppliers in a fair and trustworthy way as we have always done. 

To end the message, my wish to you and your families is – enjoy Christmas time together and lets hope that the New Year brings us all peace, happiness and the best of health – and at work, opportunity and success.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Vita x