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We have designed and built foodservice spaces in hospitality

We’re passionate about the design efficiency and performance of our foodservice spaces, resulting in the successful completion of thousands of value-adding projects over the last 28 years. From supplying commercial kitchen equipment to the smallest restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop to winning huge projects in schools, prisons, hospitals, hotels and various food manufacturing plants; we have proven time after time that we really understand client requirements.

Vita Whitaker
CEO & Commercial Director

I became fascinated with design during the art classes of my school years, and this passion has continued throughout my university studies and professional career. I quickly learned that the key to great design lies in the details. It's the small things, like how you arrange the elements within a space, that can have a big impact on the overall experience.

However, mastering design is not just an academic pursuit. To appreciate the bespoke nature of design, one must engage with the practicalities and observe the function of objects in their natural habitat. Consider the curve of a dinner plate, the balance of cutlery, and the relation of a chair to the table it accompanies. Constant refinement and questioning of these elements lead to a better understanding of design tailored to each setting.

As a designer, your education is never complete. You should always be inquisitive and draw inspiration from the world around you. It is crucial to understand the needs of your clients and the demands of their respective markets. Surpassing expectations is the hallmark of innovation. Your ambition should be to dazzle your clients and deliver a product that fulfils desires they had yet to articulate.

Exceptional design does not compromise on financial or temporal constraints. It should function well in the fast-paced food service industry, easing the workload of staff and fostering client loyalty. Achieving a balance between aesthetics and utility requires a comprehensive perspective that considers the architecture, ambience, and gastronomy as interconnected components. Crafting spaces that are visually arresting and pragmatic, adaptable to the evolving demands of hospitality, requires a holistic approach.

The WhitCo Customer Experience Centre embodies our design ethos, achieving the perfect balance of form and function. It includes a sophisticated Test Kitchen and a restaurant-bar with seating for sixty. Every detail, from the dining area layout to the cutlery selection, is meticulously curated to enhance the customer experience. Our conviction in the transformative power of design is evident in this tangible testament. We invite everyone to witness the synergy of elegance and practicality firsthand.

Designed with experience, built with passion.

Have a peek at our portfolio showcasing our expertise, creativity and dedication to delivering exceptional foodservice environments. Each project represents our commitment to design excellence, impeccable craftsmanship, and client satisfaction.

Hi, my name is Tony Butler and I am the Managing Director of WhitCo. I have been with WhitCo for 15 years and was appointed managing director in 2016. I manage a team that specialises in creating kitchens and restaurants, mainly for our public sector clients in education, healthcare, MOD/MOJ and staff restaurants in various businesses and industries. I have had a long career in the commercial kitchen industry, creating great commercial kitchens and restaurants is second nature to us all, but I consider myself a specialist in working with our prison catering and military base clients. During my career I was given responsibility for these sectors and during this time I made many contacts and was very proud to be involved in the design of the first Clink Charity Rehabilitation Kitchen for prisoners. My working relationships have grown over the years and continue to do so, I have been involved in over £40,000,000 of new and refurbished prison kitchens and serveries, all varying in size and complexity from £40k to £4,000,000, having a great team behind me has helped WhitCo achieve this success and continued growth within the sector. I am now advising and working on the new Titan Super Prisons as well as upgrading existing prisons to meet today's needs, with our first electric prison due to start soon. This is an area of particular interest to me; I understand the needs of the Prison Service and its caterers and the many challenges and demands they face. As my projects have grown, so have my relationships with both the catering companies and the contractors who have been appointed to build these new prisons, WhitCo's reputation has been built on trust, professional service and the quality of the products it specifies, all parties trust us to deliver their projects on time, on budget and most importantly to the complete satisfaction of the customer. If you would like to know more about the work we have undertaken, the services we offer and to request references, I would be more than happy to do so.

Tony Butler
Managing Director

Carmela Webb
General Director

Hello! My name is Carmela Webb, and I am the General Director at WhitCo. With 22 years of dedication to the company, I currently lead the Customer Service Department. Good customer service is about understanding what our customers need and consistently meeting their expectations. Since customer service is at the forefront of our business, it is crucial that we develop and deliver service levels that provide clients with the best experience possible.

My primary role is to ensure excellence from the very first call, which helps retain and generate additional opportunities for each of our clients. I also support every member within our business. Our guests are welcomed daily with a smile, and it's part of our culture to take turns showcasing all the services WhitCo has to offer.

Sharing the experiences and knowledge I have accumulated over the years is important to me, as it helps our customers make better and more informed choices in an environment that fosters creativity and innovative thinking. We pride ourselves on being professional, affordable, and never compromising on quality. We understand that our customers are investing in us, and we are committed to earning their trust by delivering on our promises efficiently, professionally, and effectively.

We look forward to welcoming you at WhitCo.

I have been with WhitCo, working in the sales of catering equipment both locally and nationally, for over 26 years. My journey began as a regional manager in 1997, and over the years, I have worked my way up to the role of Sales Director.

Throughout my time at WhitCo, I have led various projects across a wide range of sectors such as care homes, schools, hospitals, garden centres, pubs, restaurants, food manufacturing, and heritage sites.

I am now well-known in care and hospital catering, where I provide for the dining needs of patients, staff, and guests. My work involves not only supplying clients with the necessary catering equipment for their kitchens but also assisting in the design of the front of house and in bringing their business visions to life. This includes integrating various features that cover all aspects of their operations, from staffing to training.

For example, in my latest project for the General Hospital Trust, I took a key role in designing and implementing a new staff restaurant. This included the kitchen and dining areas, as well as a complete self-vending setup that allows staff to access food 24/7 in a comfortable and sociable space.

There are numerous projects that I am proud to have brought from the drawing board to completion, and one that stands out is the Kettering General Hospital Staff and Guest Welfare Restaurant.

If you're looking to customize our services to fit your specific requirements, don't hesitate to contact me directly or send an email to I am more than happy to provide the necessary references and testimonials.

I am eager to welcome you at our WhitCo headquarters in Thrapston, where my team and I are ready to offer further support.

Isabella Anello-Jewry
Sales Director

“I have been very pleased to use WhitCo for the fit out kitchens and serveries across the Prison estate mainly at HMP Gartree, HMP Aylesbury, HMP Littlehey and HMP Stocken. Their knowledge and supply chain have been a delight. Nothing was ever a problem with design, installation and aftercare. They would be a contractor of choice.”

Malcolm Mitton, Key Account Director

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