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Consultancy and strategic advice for your business

Getting it right from the start is of upmost importance.  Please do not be hesitant to embrace this service.

Consultancy does not always mean an extra cost, but sometimes customers will initially appoint us on that basis alone.

In the main it should be defined as adding value and saving you money, ultimately Whitco’s evidence based and impartial advice should help you make decisions easily and once you are operating – make more profit.

We can help you with assessing the location, the restaurant space, the food service type, the menu and even help with suppliers, staffing and staff training.  Our advice complies with all legal aspects including Food Safety and H&S.

So, that’s a taster on how Whitco can help you from the offset to the finish.  Whitco will assist from preparing a business plan, to adding value and credibility to your ideas, to making the dream you have become reality.