Getting back to work with the Covid clean-up specialists


We can now offer you a sanitising and disinfecting service, eliminating viruses and up to 99.9% of bacteria from your kitchen and dining premises. This can be either linked to a normal kitchen deepclean or as a standalone service.

Covid – rapid fogging gets you back open in just eight hours

We can now offer Purifog - a uniquely effective way of cleaning and disinfecting premises. A Purifog treatment can have your premises germ and virus free and open again in just eight hours.

The Purifog AIR and PuriFog HYPO systems are ideal for sanitising offices, transport vehicles, schools, care homes, retail outlets, and more to help protect your staff against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The system kills viruses and bacteria, most notably the Coronavirus, in the air and on surfaces. As our video shows, Purifog engulfs the entire room with a disinfectant that thoroughly covers surfaces.

The result is that once deployed our solution has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria associated with COVID-19 and other things such as the flu and stomach bugs both on surfaces and in the air.

For the technically minded, the system uses Hypo disinfectant. A thermospray unit atomises the fog from fluid state and once sprayed out of the machine, it turns to a dry fog with 0.3 to five-micron sized particles. The particles billow out and fill the premises and latch on to bacteria and virus in the air. The disinfecting ingredients begin killing the pathogens in the air, and this process continues over the course of the next eight hours or so.

It’s the mechanical nature of the dry fog that makes Purifog more effective than other deep cleaning processes. It does not discriminate. It tackles all the negative particles floating about in the air, and because of its minute particle size, the fog gets into every nook and cranny.

The dryness of the fog means it also does not affect lighting or electrical equipment.

Purifog resets the clock on the environment more effectively than anything else – but like everything else, the more people you introduce to the area, the more chance of a virus finding its way into the environment. The system offers protection for up to seven days

In our opinion, there is no fogging machine like it. The Thermospray unit and the disinfectant are both protected by patent. Other machines typically either emit wet fog; do not atomise to such tiny particles; and can not fill such large spaces as our machine does.

PPE now available from Whitco

Alcohol-free anti-bacterial foam

Whitco sanitiser

Now available from us.

Whitco alcohol-free anti-bacterial foam
(SKU: SDS 4821)
Priced at £9.95 + VAT each or £179.00 + VAT for a box of 20.

Three-ply surgical masks

view  set of disposable face masks on blue background

Three-ply surgical masks. Available from the middle of May.

These come in packs of 40 masks (two bags of 20) at a unit price of 85p per mask. Orders on this consignment are VAT-free until July.

How to put on a mask

Our video shows the safe and effective way to put on and wear a face mask.

Reopening a mothballed kitchen

The Whitco team, including a Gas Safe registered catering equipment engineer, will carry out a structured series of steps to bring your kitchen up to scratch. These include the following.

Warewashing equipment

There could be potential problems regarding cross-contamination from any build-up of bacteria within the machine or any water that might have remained in it, so we advise the following:

Before the machine can be ready for operation, we:

  • Check that the machine and filters are clean and in the correct place,
  • Ensure that there is a sufficient supply of chemicals (Detergent & Rinse Aid) attached to the machine,
  • Fill and heat the machine,
  • Put the machine through a minimum of three complete wash and rinse cycles,
  • Drain the equipment and recheck filters and clean if needed.


  • Check door seals,
  • Clean and sanitise.Remove sanitiser with clean water before loading food products,
  • Check temperatures before loading food products.We recommend them being on for 24 hours to avoid losing any stock.

Ventilation Canopies

  • Check all filters (grease filters and input air filters) and clean them thoroughly, where necessary,
  • Check that the fans are working correctly.

Cooking equipment

Gas Appliances

  • Check for gas leaks. Joints and seals on unused appliances may settle and weep gas.
  • Individual appliances should be checked to ensure that they are working correctly.
  • Where a gas interlock is fitted, check the operation by switching on the ventilation and then lighting an appliance before switching off the ventilation. At this time, the interlock should turn off the gas supply.

Electrical Appliances

  • Check for rodent damage to supply cables before reconnecting electrical appliances.
  • Any damaged cables should be replaced by a qualified person.
  • Undamaged appliances can be reconnected to the supply.


Perished or damaged door seals should be replaced by a competent person.


  • Check that the fryer pan is clean, and that the drain valve is fully closed before refilling with oil.
  • Heat the oil to normal frying temperature (175/190°C) and carefully check this with a suitable thermometer to ensure that the thermostat is working correctly.

Appliances using water

Water softeners

  • Turn the water supply back on, add salt to the brine box and plug the appliance back in or switch on the electrical supply.
  • Reset the timer for regeneration cycles to a suitable time.

Combi ovens and Steaming ovens

  • Before reusing Combi ovens and steaming ovens, ensure that water filters or other water treatment are fitted and working.
  • Appliances should be fully cleaned and sanitised then put on to either a cleaning cycle or on a steam cycle.Door seals should be checked for leaks or damage.
  • If a wash down hose is fitted this should be thoroughly flushed for at least ten minutes to remove any build-up of bacteria.

Pre-wash sprays

  • Pre-wash sprays should be thoroughly flushed for at least ten minutes to remove any build-up of bacteria.

Water boilers

Prior to restart, ensure that any filters or other water treatment are fitted and working.  Assuming that the water supply to the appliance had been turned off, it should be turned back on and the appliance refilled and brought up to boiling.

Water systems

  • Where a building, part of a building or a water system is taken out of use, microbial growth including legionella must be appropriately controlled.
  • Before reusing the water system, it should be recommissioned by a competent person as though it was new (i.e. thoroughly flushed, cleaned and disinfected) before returned to use.
Covid Virus Deep

Deepclean service to eliminate viruses and bacteria

Our sanitising and disinfecting service, will eliminate viruses and practically all bacteria from your kitchen and dining premises.

This can be either linked to a normal kitchen deepclean or as a standalone service.

Upon arrival, we will thoroughly spray your entire kitchen with a fine mist from a backpack pumped sprayer. After the recommended contact time the high traffic touch areas (listed below) are given particular attention to ensure greater coverage to help the removal of COVID-19 or any other or any other viruses within the kitchen.

  • Door handles
  • Push plates & pads
  • Equipment (e.g. fridge, freezer and dishwasher) handles
  • Sinks & taps
  • Dispensers
  • Dining tables and chairs, if required
  • Tray runs
  • Oven knobs & handles
  • Fryer basket handles
  • Grill handles
  • Prep tables
  • Racking

This chemical is approved to EN14476 and is also food safe, so will not impact the normal running of the kitchen following the clean.

We also work closely along catering equipment service companies who can provide a recommissioning service of all your cooking equipment to ensure it’s safe for use following a prolonged enforced shut down.

All this will help protect your employees, customers and business. Please contact the office with your requirements and we’d be happy to visit your kitchen and carry out a free survey and quotation. We now take credit card payment should this suit your business, rather than having to wait for an order number.

Avoid Covid-19 cross-contamination

Be safe, be strong and be smart…

See our best practice guide to dealing with the coronavirus in your kitchen by keeping your people and your customers free from infection by following these simple guidelines. READ HERE

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