News from WhitCo

Denise and Mike bow out

The Whitco family has said farewell and thanks to two long standing employees who have retired from the business this month.

Denise was our Financial Director and a employee of 19 years. Her skills and contributions to the business extended way beyond accounts. During her time at Whitco ,she even took over the service desk for a while so that she could help develop the systems that we have in place today.  Denise will be able to spend more time with her grandchildren and her elderly mother and we hope to engage her help on a freelance basis when tackling new initiatives or refining existing ones.

We are very sad to see Mike go but proud that he ended his longstanding career in the industry with us, over the last five years we have often we wish you had joined us earlier.  High respect was paid to Mike’s product knowledge at his presentation and his ability to ensure customer satisfaction throughout all his work.