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Food allergy management is a vitally important issue in the industry. Take advantage of our free training course here.

These resources provide a comprehensive learning module to understand the reasons for practical food allergen safety procedures and their communication. Suited to a wide range of learners they fulfil the requirements of the forthcoming legislation EU No. 1169 2011.

The resources are applicable in all catering operations, and for all staff. As with any contaminant, an allergen that has the potential to cause serious harm. Therefore all staff must be aware of the hazards, and how to reduce risk.

Fresh seafoodBy understanding allergies and intolerances the learner obtains the knowledge of how to manage these hazards in an operational unit. From an operation's perspective it becomes important for the implementation of HACCP, and adds a resource suitable for any person capable of taking on management roles in the foodservice industry.

The course is divided into four easy to absorb modules, each concluding with Key Points and Revision. This summarises the previous sections, so may be used as a reference and as a quick refresher.

allergy-managementFREE COURSE
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