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Give the Gift of Hope

Christmas forms a natural high point for the food service industry and it’s understandable if we become immersed in our own plans and problems.

logoFor almost 20 years now Whitco has worked with Hope Centre, a local charity that serves the poor, vulnerable, disadvantaged and homeless. Hope’s work focuses on giving people a hand up, rather than a handout, so that they can take back control of their own lives.

The charity actively helps about 1,200 people every year. Most suffer from a combination of learning difficulties, mental health issues or substance abuse. They may also have fallen foul of the law. In many cases their problems start with childhood trauma – poverty, abuse, neglect or worse.

In keeping with its ‘can-do’ approach Hope offers its supporters something in return for any help it receives.

Hope Enterprises is the charity’s business and trading arm and is well worth a look – offering products and services from garden tools to buffet catering.

Christmas is a time when most of us have someone, something and somewhere to celebrate. But it’s also a particularly difficult time for clients of the Hope Centre, especially those sleeping rough. Their clients are often the hardest and most difficult to reach cases in our community, local people who really do need a hand-up this Christmas.

Among the events planned by Hope for the next few months are:

You can support Hope’s Christmas Appeal by donating cash

Or fnd out more about the Hope Centre by clicking here.