Interior design and branding services

Cafe in white

Our expert design and branding services will help you make your vision for your business a reality. This leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Getting it right from the start is of upmost importance, so please do not be hesitant to embrace this service.

Interior Design & Branding is paramount, it basically influences all elements of the project and the marketing of the establishment.

When the image and feel of the place is agreed from the outset, the planning of the type of kitchen, bar and its equipment and operational style, and restaurant improves dramatically, and this joined up approach avoids clashes with elements planned in by others and obviously saves time and money.

Whitco’s evidence-based and impartial advice should help you make decisions easily with excellent result that mirrors the design concept to the finish article.

We can help you to decide on, colours, texture, furniture, tableware/glassware, walls and floor finishes, lighting, music even heating and air-conditioning.

So, that’s a taster on how Whitco can help you from the offset to the finish, making the dream you have become reality.



Having a coherent overall vision for the brand and design of your business is vitally important. with our experience we can help you bring that vision into focus.

Attention to all the detail pulls everything together to form a consistent look and feel to your branding.

We also work with clients to develop the graphic elements of their brand. Concepts for a café relaunch (see below) help you visualise the brand image.