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Jeff’s Way raises £15000…to help worthy causes.

Dear Everyone. On the 22nd March 2018, at the memorial service held at Oundle School’s Chapel, we started fundraising to support the charities and good causes that were close to Jeff’s heart and following that very poignant day, “Jeff’s Way” was born. Through various talks, it was very easy to agree that education, opportunity and security would be the pillars that the foundation would be based on. This remains the same today and will continue to be the case into the future. With the kind donations from friends, family, the Whitco Team, business associates and our industry associations, I am so very proud to say that we managed to raise £15000.00, one year later. In the next couple of weeks, I will share more information on where and who the money will benefit and my future plans for continuing the fundraising for 2019 and beyond. For more information on Jeff’s Way, take a look at My best wishes and thanks to you all, Vita x