Commercial kitchen design services

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We specialise in creating kitchen design solutions that enhance productivity and improve workflow.

The kitchen design stage is critical to the success of any commercial kitchen or restaurant. At Whitco, we understand this and take the time needed to deliver the perfect long-term solution for any commercial kitchen or restaurant design project.

Custom-designed solutions for every project

Once we have clearly understood customer objectives for a project and their business overall, we call upon expertise honed throughout thousands of successful kitchen installations. Mood boards, graphical interpretations and 3D modeling software are all employed during the initial phases to finalise commercial kitchen designs.

Unlike less experienced commercial kitchen and restaurant design companies, Whitco configures our solutions around the working menus of each individual establishment to enhance productivity and workflow efficiency.

We also specialise in bringing customer ideas to life with kitchen installations that are aesthetically pleasing, hard working, practical and extremely cost-effective. Professional front and back of house interior design services also help provide for the perfect finishing touch. Our flexibility meanwhile allows us to integrate seamlessly with in-house design teams, architects and contractors.

To find out more about how we can support your next commercial kitchen or restaurant design project, please call +44 (0)1832 735 007 or email

Stacks of Empty Serving Dishes in Commercial Kitchen
Kitchen Equipment and Accessory Furniture Icon on modern kitchen interior out of focus blurred backgrounds, Top View for Interior Plan