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Breathe easy with HVAC excellence.

Improve the comfort, air quality and temperature control of your kitchen with our expertly curated HVAC solutions from trusted suppliers.

We help create the perfect climate in your spaces by sourcing top-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems from proven suppliers including energy-efficient HVAC systems, reliable air purifiers, and advanced ventilation units tailored for the unique demands of commercial environments. WhitCo’s HVAC solutions ensure optimal comfort, air quality, and temperature control, providing a customised approach to enhance the overall experience in your establishment.

Our HVAC solutions include:

Exhaust Hoods

Make-up Air Units

HVAC Systems

Air Purification Systems

Air Curtains

Ventilation Fans

Extraction Fans


Fire Suppression Systems

Thermostats and Controls

Grease Filters


Have questions? Here are some answers:

Yes, these products can be customised to meet specific requirements, ensuring they align perfectly with individual needs.

Yes, we offer comprehensive installation and aftersales support for all our products to guarantee a seamless experience.

While installation and aftersales support are not included in the initial purchase, they can be added as additional services for your convenience.

Replacement parts for our products are readily available, ensuring minimal downtime and continued functionality.

The delivery time for our products typically depends on factors such as customization and order volume, but we strive to ensure timely deliveries.

Our products come with a warranty or guarantee, providing assurance of their quality and performance.

Yes, we offer demos or trials for our products, providing the opportunity for customers to experience their features and benefits firsthand. Visit our new showroom, featuring a full-fledged commercial test kitchen that can be booked for personalised demonstrations. Visit our Showroom homepage for more information.

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