News from WhitCo

Makeover marks commitment

It’s been a time of change right across the board here at Whitco. Spurred on by the landmark of our 21st birthday, we have been very busy over the last few months…

The offices are now almost completely refurbished, with  just the stair carpets to be fitted, acoustic screens to come, new lighting in the offices and a bit of electrical work.

The working environment has been fitted out with new furniture and it has transformed the upstairs work space.  Now, with all the heavy lifting out of the way, it’s time to add a touch of style about the place.

This new plan has opened up more space and given us two hot desks upstairs, a manager’s office, a large reception area and a capacious kitchen space which also doubles up as another meeting room. It’s ideal for when the Tech’s get together and it’s also handy for a refill.  The filing and ICT room is next in line for a makeover, and in due course there will be a hot desk in there too.

Better communication is a key part of the makeover too with a staged implementation of a new phone system that will benefit customers – and make the team’s work easier. At the same time, we’re also issuing new top-spec laptops too.

We haven’t forgotten the guys out on the road either – with five shiny new vans joining our fleet. The sat navs will get us to customers quicker and the air conditioning in the vans will ensure that the engineers arrive refreshed and ready to go, during the hot summer months to come.

Our Demo kitchen has had a deep clean and, ever keen to do the whole job in one fell swoop, we have been reorganising our warehouses too.

Throughout all of the upheaval our team have worked on, stepping over carpet fitters, joiners and electricians, avoiding swathes of wet paint and all the other disruption that is an inevitable part of such a major upheaval. They have been brilliant. It is a massive understatement to say that we couldn’t have accomplished so much, so quickly, without them.

All of this change has been a clear demonstration of our commitment to the business and our people.  We have always aspired to be the best and to show to our customers and our competitors that Whitco stands for excellence, quality and longevity.

Christmas looms for us all – and now just one major question remains… Where did the Christmas decorations go during the reorganisation?