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The kitchen of the future, cooking the food we want to eat today.

The kitchen of the future, cooking the food we want to eat today.

Welcome to the WhitCo Test Kitchen—an innovation hub where culinary boundaries are pushed, and creativity knows no limits. Step into a world where cutting-edge equipment meets the expertise of industry leaders, crafting a space dedicated to culinary exploration.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef seeking inspiration or a passionate food enthusiast eager to witness gastronomic experiments, our state-of-the-art Test Kitchen promises an unparalleled experience. Join us in exploring the future of foodservice innovation—one delicious experiment at a time.

There are structured demonstration days in our fully operational Test Kitchen, designed to be the kitchen of the future, preparing and cooking the food we want to eat today. Trade customers can see how their traditional preparation and cooking methods can be combined with innovative technology that can help reduce costs in their own foodservice operations.

Jeff’s Way manages the Test Kitchen & Restaurant, collaborating with nearby Higher Education Universities and Further Education Colleges to enhance students’ education. The current Jeff’s Way cohort will receive career development opportunities. Jeff!s Way also offers cookery schools and other adult training programmes related to the food, drink, and hospitality industry.

The innovative test kitchen is the domain of Scott Williams, WhitCo’s Sales Development and Executive Chef who has extensive experience working as Head Chef at Richard Branson’s Necker Island and senior positions at Ragdale Hall and Kilworth House Hotel.

In this key role, Scott helps other chefs make informed decisions about new equipment and kitchen design and deal with the issues raised by staff shortages in the industry. His experience as a chef ensures that the taste and quality of the food prepared is indeed restaurant quality.

Six former students and Jeff’s Way award winners are also involved in their own restaurant pop-ups to help develop their skills and knowledge faster and further, while those still in FE and HE have the opportunity to work on site to add business experience to the culinary skills being taught.

Join us in exploring the future of culinary innovation.