The Old Glasshouse - where Italy meets God’s own county

Old Glasshouse Interior C&T

When Coletta and Tyson, a garden centre business in Beverley, east Yorkshire, decided to upgrade their Oasis Café, they had a concept in mind for something different.

The result is the Old Glasshouse, a radical reworking of the original café offering, where best Yorkshire produce meets an Italian heritage. They took an old building on site (funnily enough an old glasshouse) and looked to create the look and feel of an Italian eatery.

Whitco’s Amanda McGreavy worked with the garden centre team to realise the ambition.  The result is a pleasing mixture of traditional and contemporary with plant-clad pergolas, bare-bulb lighting and a living wall.

The Glasshouse is served by a larger improved kitchen with an expansive open pass so that customers diners can watch the food being made. Self-service has been replaced by waiter service. The theme, inevitably and uniquely, is Yorkshire with an Italian flavour, reflecting the heritage of the Coletta name, and the menu acknowledges these links.

Wherever it can, Coletta & Tyson uses local, ethical suppliers its bread, meat and fish supplies.

The Old Glasshouse Signage
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