Training for commercial and industrial kitchens

Whitco takes staff training very seriously and they believe it’s not just about understanding which knob or gizmo does what – even though that is very important!

How the machine functions is just the beginning of the training.  Staff training should fully and quickly integrate the new appliance into the everyday working practice of your kitchen or restaurant and a clear understanding of how the new appliance can improve your efficiency and profitability needs to start before the appliance is installed.

That’s why Whitco has a demonstration kitchen which you can visit and experience live cooking as well as numerous sites that we can take you to.  Once the appliance is installed and the staff are trained, Whitco appreciates that businesses change and ongoing training is offered.

The training is not limited to the type of operation or cuisine, so please do not hesitate to take up this service.

A dashboard of the furnace or oven
pentola insaponata
Koch flambiert Ziegenkse