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Whitco Chef of the Year

“It’s all about the Chef.”

Whitco is proud once again to sponsor the Chef of the Year category in the upcoming Weetabix Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards. The category reflects the company’s dedication to the “Chef” the hospitality sector and its commitment to designing and building kitchens and restaurants that support the ever-increasing demands placed upon chefs, their kitchen brigade, and their businesses today.

Advancements in technology and innovation are changing the way kitchen’s function and are staffed.  Whitco are experts in this field and can help you make informed decisions when both selecting the correct appliance/s to designing in ideas to suit the individual customer’s operational needs.

Whitco will help you reduce costs, compensate for the impact that the shortage of skilled labour is having and by minimising all forms of waste, retain profit.  Embracing technology, outlawing the most labour-intensive chores will free up more time for the soft skills taught and practiced and are what makes the customer dining experience positive and memorable.

From Care, Education, MoD, MoJ to fine dining, restaurants, pubs, cafés and more, Whitco’s team, it’s products and services help our Chef’s serve restaurant quality food, consistently in any environment.

Says Vita Whitaker, CEO at Whitco: “Le Sante du Chef! To those talented chefs, dedicated and passionate about cooking wonderful food for us all”.