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Now available from whitco, X-OVEN is the charcoal oven for modern professional kitchens. It is equipped with an insulated chamber and an external, safe and functional fumes exhaust system, while its inner parts are made of porcelain stainless steel.

Its removable grill drawers system is a distinctive trait. The drawers, mounted on ball bearing telescopic rails, have been designed to work at extremely high temperatures and offer maximum resistance to constant stress over time.

Designed for enclosed professional kitchens, X-OVEN is the only charcoal oven with three removable grill drawers; the first, real alternative to all other ovens featuring only the front hatch; an exclusive innovation born from Italians kill and internationally patented.

X-OVEN allows cooking different dishes at the same time at three different temperatures, all to the advantage of creativity and performance. In order to control the cooking process, the drawers open securely without the risk of gusts at high temperatures. The heat does not disperse, enveloping the food and preserving its juices and organoleptic properties. Working is easier and safer, the quality of the dishes is excellent and consumption savings are significant.

Chef Roberto Magnani of the Restaurant Kuccagna, Dovera, Italy explains how cooking with an X-Oven reconnected him with his roots and inspired his passion, while allowing for full control and ease of use in a professional kitchen.


Find out more about the benefits of cooking with charcoal cuisine from X-Ovens.


Meet the X-Oven range - versatile and efficient



X-Oven.1 can be considered a specialised product, characterised by a high and uniform service temperature, that can reach 380 °C and keep it constant throughout a standard service.

This is why it is perfect for intense and aggressive cooking, suitable for all meat cuts that are prepared to perfection in a very short time.

Speed and efficiency are indeed features of the X-Oven.1.

The single grill drawer with three alternative grill positions, each at different height from the brazier tray, allows to control heat intensity according to chef’s preference.

With X-Oven.1 the chef has an extremely efficient instrument at his disposal allowing him to cook safely, quickly, in limited space.

Nominal power 3,81 Kw
Suggested charcoal load 3,00 Kg
Consumption rate 0,7 Kg/hr
Average service time
(first 3/4 hours maximum heat intensity, last 1/2 hours declining)
4/6 hrs
Starting time 1 hr
Average production rate (300 gr. per portion) 60 portions/hr
Operating temparature 280 / 380°C
Capacity 1 GN 1/1
Minimum extraction hood rate 1500 m3/hr
Extraction hood aspiration rate >1,5 m/s - < 3,0 m/s
Fumes temperature at aspiration hood intake
(minimum distance from Fire breaker 25 cm.)
< 80 °C
Efficiency 63,67 %
CO emission in the combustion products 0,400 %


X-Oven.2 with two grill drawers is the ideal solution to combine the versatility of the X-Oven.3 with the ease of use of the X-Oven.1.

X-Oven.2 adopts a grill drawer with 15 cm of available height in the position closer to the brazier tray, offering the possibility to the chef to place the grill or more grills, at three alternative heights.  Additionally, on the upper level, it hosts a grill drawer with 10 cm of available height. X-Oven.2 is the solution for chefs that want to combine the different heat intensity between grill drawers suitable to customize cooking techniques with an internal service temperature sufficiently homogenous to optimize production capacity.

Nominal power 4,45 Kw
Suggested charcoal load 6,00 Kg
Consumption rate 0,85 Kg/hr
Average service time
(first 3/4 hours maximum heat intensity, last 2/3 hours declining)
5/7 hrs
Starting time 1 hr
Average production rate (300 gr. a portion) 100 portions/hr
Operating temperature 270 / 370°C
Capacity 2 GN 1/1
Minimum extraction hood rate 1500 m3/hr
Extraction hood aspiration speed > 1,5  m/s  <  3,0  m/s
Fumes temperature at aspiration hood intake
(minimum distance from Fire breaker 25cm)
< 80 °C
Efficiency 64,61 %
CO emission in the combustion products 0,437 %


X-Oven.3 takes full advantage of its vertical height.  The three grill drawers are set at different levels, allowing to exploit lower or higher temperatures, ranging from 200 to 350 °C.  Suitable both for express preparations or lengthy and less aggressive cooking.

X-Oven.3 helps the chef to manage intese workload with speed, versatility and, above all, quality. During preparation the organoleptic properties of the aliments don't get altered.  The flavours and aromas are enhanced, ensuring a healthy, light and impeccable result. Having so many cooking and preparation alternatives in a single product, offers the chef a unique instrument to safely and efficiently challenge his own abilities in the traditional charcoal cooking techniques.

Nominal power 5,09 Kw
Suggested charcoal load 8,00 Kg
Consumption rate 1,00 Kg/hr
Average service time
(first 4/5 hours maximum heat intensity, last 2/3 hours declining)
6/8 hrs
Starting time 1 hr
Average production rate (300 gr. a portion) 150 portions/hr
Operating temperature 250 / 350°C
Capacity 3 GN 1/1
Minimum extraction hood rate 1500 m3/hr
Extraction hood aspiration speed > 1,5  m/s  <  3,0  m/s
Fumes temperature at aspiration hood intake
(minimum distance from Fire breaker 25cm)
< 80 °C
Efficiency 65,52 %
CO emission 0,475 %


X-OVEN frees creativity in every cook, lends itself to multiple cooking methods and always gives excellent results.

Nuances of flavour
Taste can be modulated by adjusting the smoke outlet valve: narrow, for a more intense embers note; wide, for greater delicacy. Even the combustible plays its part; X-OVEN’s selected charcoal is deliberately neutral to enhance the natural flavour of the food, but possible nuances are endless by adding wood chips as desired in various essences and scents.

Three grills, three temperatures, three dishes
On the low grill, nearest to the embers, a cut of meat suited for a short and intense cooking time; on the intermediate grill, zucchini, onions and peppers in slices; on the third grill, the one furthest from the fire, a casserole sea bass to be cooked in at least twenty minutes. This is just one of the many possible combinations with X-OVEN. Thanks to its three removable grill-drawers, cooking three different food typologies at the same time is very easy. The efficient brazier-lifting system placed in the cart allows maintaining the desired temperatures over time.

Grilling, cooking au gratin, roasting, regenerating...
Besides the three grills at different heights, the accessories that complete X-OVEN also help multiply the cooking possibilities and methods. The casseroles, for instance, allow cooking pasta and vegetables au gratin, adding that slight smoked touch that only embers can confer. You can also regenerate pre-cooked foods: X-OVEN’s high temperatures reach the heart of the food while conferring crispiness to its exterior.

Small culinary follies
Smoked milk ice cream, grilled tomato sauce, crispy salad and other gastronomic divertissements: everything is possible with X-OVEN.

X-OVEN is the most advanced example amongst charcoal ovens and also represents a cooking philosophy for those who love to bring out natural flavours, lightly.

Food’s natural taste
The heat of the charcoal envelops and “seals” the food’s entire surface: the juices are retained within, enhancing the natural taste and flavour and preserving its softness.

Healthy, light, flawless cooking
The cooking process does not require adding any other seasonings, thus preserving all the lightness of the food, even more when you avoid cooking it in its own fat as happens on the griddle; and differently from what happens on open-air grills, there is no risk of charring it. X-OVEN’s closed chamber, in fact, is designed to contain only enough oxygen to keep the embers alive, avoiding the development of the flame when the fat content in the food is released on the brazier. The food will be perfectly cooked, healthy and even lighter in each preparation.

Each dish is a discovery
Pumpkin slices cooked directly on the grill to be enjoyed in their simplicity, peel included. Or, again, grilled mussels that are ready in a few minutes without adding other ingredients and release their delicious broth. With X-OVEN the tastiest experiments never end.

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X-OVEN takes up little space, allows saving time, reduces consumption and increases productivity in the kitchen.

Maximum efficiency
X-OVEN’s productivity is significantly higher compared to all other grill cooking systems, with a much higher speed of service and energy efficiency than any other cooking system employing solid, liquid or electric combustible.

Minimum consumption
X-OVEN’s removable grill drawers have been designed to avoid any heat dispersion; the porcelain chamber is shut at all times and allows slow ember combustion while preventing the flame to develop. This innovation reduces consumption to 1/5 compared to traditional grills and to one half compared to other charcoal ovens.

More surface area for grilling
Differently from ordinary charcoal ovens, X-OVEN develops vertically and is equipped with three grills on three different levels. This entails a larger overall surface area to grill on and more dishes cooking at the same time.

Cooking in less time
All cooking operations with X-OVEN are faster. High, flameless temperatures ensure excellent and rapid preparations.

Compact design, reduced space
Compact, functional, designed to occupy reduced spaces and ensure high performances, X-OVEN fits easily into any kind of professional kitchen.