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First of all, for those who don’t know Wilmax England, tell us a bit about the profile of the brand? Where is it based and what sort of global presence does it have?

Established in 2010 in England, Wilmax England has grown into a global leader in premium tableware and dining solutions, now headquartered in Dubai and Hong Kong. Operating in over 100 countries with regional offices in Europe and the USA, Wilmax is celebrated for its commitment to quality and innovation.

The brand’s products, known for elegance, durability, and functionality, cater to diverse markets and consumers worldwide. Wilmax’s strategic blend of innovation and design has earned it international acclaim, becoming the preferred choice for both domestic and professional use. A trusted name, Wilmax continues to redefine excellence in the industry.

How long has WhitCo been the premier distributor for Wilmax England and first impressions by when engaging with Wilmax?

We first met Wilmax in 2018 and since last year, WhitCo has been the premier distributor for Wilmax England in the UK. Despite the relatively short duration, our partnership has flourished due to Wilmax’s exceptional market knowledge, commitment to customer service, and dedication to quality. Aligned values and a shared commitment to excellence make Wilmax the ideal tableware supplier for the UK. With logistics, stockholding, and a stunning Wilmax showroom within our Customer Experience Centre at WhitCo, our collaboration has grown dynamically.

Guided by WhitCo’s mantra, ‘From Kitchen to Restaurant and Beyond,’ our partnership continues to evolve, focusing not only on commercial foodservice solutions but also on showcasing Wilmax products to the table.

The tableware and front-of-house market is quite fast-changing, with trends and styles changing season upon season. How innovative is Wilmax when it comes to design?

Wilmax has consistently demonstrated a high level of innovation in response to the fast-changing trends and styles in the tableware and front-of-house market. The company places a strong emphasis on design, striving to stay ahead of industry trends and meet the evolving preferences of consumers.

Notably, at Ambiente Fair this year, Wilmax unveiled an impressive array of over 1000 new items, showcasing its commitment to staying at the forefront of design trends. These exciting additions will be made available throughout the year, further solidifying Wilmax’s reputation as a brand that consistently introduces fresh and innovative concepts to the market.

You’re inviting UK-based agents and distributors to collaborate with you in bringing Wilmax England products to a wider audience. What kind of individuals or businesses do you think this opportunity would suit most? Do you they need to have a certain background?

This opportunity is tailored for UK individuals or businesses with expertise in hospitality, tableware, and front-of-house industries. We seek collaboration with:

  • Distributors/Agents in the Tableware Industry: Experienced businesses distributing premium tableware and related products.
  • Hospitality Industry Professionals: Individuals or companies in hotels, restaurants, and catering services.
  • Retailers Specialising in Home Goods: Established retailers focusing on high-quality home goods and kitchenware.
  • Experienced Sales Representatives: Proven track record in sales, especially in tableware or related sectors.

Ideal collaborators possess market understanding, industry connections, and a commitment to exceptional service. Aligned with Wilmax England’s dedication to quality and innovation, this opportunity is for partners sharing these values.

You’re looking to build up a network of agents around the UK. How do you envisage this developing? Do you plan to split the UK up by territory or region?

We aim to establish a diverse Wilmax Partnership throughout the UK, our strategy involves a strategic approach, capturing consultants, agents and distributors to ensure comprehensive coverage. We are considering various options based on our own past and present experience of being party to some of the best and most successful partnerships in the catering equipment industry.

A well-organised Wilmax Network will allow each partner to focus on a specific area, a sector, fostering a deeper understanding of the local markets whilst building strong relationships with customers and growing brand presence.

What sort of sales and marketing benefits could potential partners expect from becoming a sales agent?

Becoming a Wilmax England sales agent presents numerous sales and marketing advantages:

  • Product Accessibility: Committed to UK stock and swift European deliveries, offering a crucial edge in global business.
  • High-Quality Products: Represent and sell premium, high-quality tableware celebrated for elegance, durability, and functionality.
  • Brand Recognition: Align with a distinguished global brand, leveraging its reputable image to enhance sales efforts.
  • Innovative Designs and Wide Range: Showcase over 3000 innovative designs, staying current with market trends for a stylish appeal.
  • Marketing Support: Receive marketing assistance, including materials, photos, and product information, aiding effective promotion.
  • Exclusive Territories: Enjoy exclusive territories, fostering strong local customer relationships without direct competition.
  • Flexibility and Autonomy: Benefit from flexibility to adapt sales strategies, tailoring approaches to unique local market needs for a personalised touch.

And what about the financial benefits? Can you provide any indication of how this would work?

We’ve established this on sales turnover and a discount structure. We are committed to collaborative partnerships, and certain aspects are still subject to adjustment. However, ensuring the protection of both the Agent/Distributor and the brand from underselling and price wars is crucial. While we aim to uphold Wilmax’s identity as “affordable luxury,” we envision this being highlighted by a community of exceptional individuals engaging in successful business.

Wilmax has a broad portfolio of products. Would an agent be expected to market them all – or would they get to pick and choose?

The approach to marketing Wilmax’s broad portfolio of products may vary based on the specific arrangement and agreement between WhitCo and the sales agent. Sales agents partnering with WhitCo to represent Wilmax England have flexibility in marketing the extensive product line, allowing them to tailor their focus to local market demands. While agents can choose specific products to emphasise, a comprehensive understanding of the entire range and distribution structure is crucial.

Considering the potential shipment duration from the Far East, where Wilmax HQ warehouses are located, and the option to order from the Poland warehouse, effective logistics management is key and WhitCo will assist the sales partner to develop a well-thought-out strategy. To navigate these challenges, clear communication, collaboration, and planned training sessions and meetings between Wilmax, WhitCo, and the partnership are essential for success.

Wilmax is a prestigious brand. Would its products suit all types of end-user markets? Or is the range more geared towards certain segments of the catering and hospitality market?

For instance, the PRO collection, distinguished by its rolled rim, is particularly well-suited for the HoReCa channel. The reinforced rim guarantees more durability and strength to the plates, catering to the specific demands of high-traffic hospitality environments. A similar strategic approach is applied to stackable items, where their specific characteristics are well-appreciated in hospitality kitchens. This combination of design elements and functionality ensures that Wilmax products not only meet but exceed the specific needs and preferences of diverse market segments within the catering and hospitality industry.

Tell us about the logistics arrangements that are likely to be in place. Would there be any stockholding obligations on a sales agent or is that something that WhitCo handles centrally?

Wilmax’s stockholding and logistics strategies offer flexibility within its distribution network:

  • Centralised Stockholding by WhitCo: For select items, WhitCo centrally manages inventory, streamlining logistics, maintaining control over stock levels, and potentially expediting orders with the current stock levels exceeding £100k.
  • Wilmax Europe Warehouse: Located in Warsaw, this warehouse offers an extensive assortment, ensuring faster deliveries to the UK for all collections, except porcelain.
  • Wilmax HQ in China: Operating two warehouses with substantial inventory, orders placed here must consider transportation costs and shipment times, with FOB conditions requiring a minimum order amount. Shipment lead times outside the UK stock holding, which is 24 hours, may vary from 4 to 8 weeks.

How much training on Wilmax’s products would a sales agent need – and is that something you would provide?

Sales agent training encompasses key facets:

  • Product Knowledge: Agents delve into understanding the features, materials, and specifications across Wilmax’s diverse product collections.
  • Brand Identity: Familiarisation with Wilmax’s brand values, history, and market positioning equips agents to effectively convey the brand’s identity.
  • Marketing Collateral: Agents receive essential marketing collateral—brochures, catalogues, lifestyle photos, videos, and texts—to adeptly showcase Wilmax’s product range.
  • Market Insights: Agents gain insights into market trends, customer preferences, and competitive analysis for an informed sales approach.
  • Logistics and Operations: Education on logistics and operations ensures agents grasp the processes involved in ordering, stocking, and delivering Wilmax products.
  • Customer Service: Agents learn the art of providing exceptional customer service and post-sales support, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

What about warranty and after-sales support? Is that something that you’re able to guarantee?

While Wilmax does not have a specific warranty policy, we highly value each of our clients and are dedicated to providing excellent after-sales support. Our commitment is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases, and we strive to address any issues promptly and effectively. Our team is always ready to assist and provide solutions to any concerns that may arise after a sale. Additionally, we are pleased to support our resellers by offering marketing collateral to enhance their sales efforts.

Your showroom in Northamptonshire offers a chance for people to see the range up close. How much of the portfolio do you have on show?

The Wilmax showroom in Northamptonshire offers an immersive experience of the Wilmax England range. Highlights include a 60-cover restaurant, a versatile bar/cafe, a meeting room, an exclusive club, and a shop stocked with Wilmax England tableware.

The TASTE restaurant & bar is a standout, where customers can enjoy meals served on Wilmax dishes. This setting provides a unique opportunity for up-close product viewing and a memorable encounter with the Wilmax England range.

While not every product is physically displayed, the showroom strategically showcases various collection aspects, creating a dynamic environment for customers to explore and experience the quality, aesthetics, and functionality of Wilmax tableware.

What should prospective partners do if they are interested in learning more about the opportunity?

Please contact the WhitCo Wilmax Sales Team at or call 01832 734433 to learn more and/or arrange to visit us.

Alternatively, they can visit here and fill out a brief form to show their interest in becoming a Wilmax England sales agent.

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