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Explore our professional partnerships that drive excellence in the foodservice industry.

WhitCo believes in the power of collaboration to enhance the quality of our services and the expertise of our team. We continuously foster professional partnerships with education, training companies, consultants, coaches, and mentors, as well as extend our commitment through award sponsorships. By aligning with experts in the industry, we ensure that our clients receive the highest level of expertise, innovation, and support. Together, we elevate culinary environments, setting new standards of excellence in the foodservice industry.

Here are some of our ongoing partnerships:


Celebrating local flavours and talents.

WhitCo proudly collaborates with Made In Northamptonshire (MIN), a multi-stakeholder co-operative which supports and promotes Northamptonshire producers, aiming to raise their profile on a regional, national and international level and ensuring the county’s rightful place on the culinary map. Together, we are planning a series of exciting events, starting with a monthly affair on the first Saturday of each month. MIN members will showcase their talents, featuring pop-up shops with tabletop displays throughout our Showroom areas as well as food vehicles in our carpark.

WhitCo supports the Chef of the Year Award.
WhitCo is the proud sponsor of the Chef of the Year Award at the Weetabix Northamptonshire Food & Drink Awards 2024/25, which is a testament to our commitment to celebrating and elevating the talents of local chefs. By sponsoring this prestigious award, we aim to contribute to the recognition of outstanding culinary achievements in Northamptonshire, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in the regional food and drink industry.


Crafting culinary brilliance together.

WhitCo is proud to collaborate with Clive Dixon Consultancy, a distinguished hub of hospitality expertise led by the renowned Clive Dixon. Together, we leverage Clive’s extensive experience, offering a range of services including external expert reviews, innovative culinary approaches, mentoring, coaching, maintenance, systems and kitchen design, as well as purchasing and procurement strategies.


Empowering future culinary leaders.

WhitCo is proud to collaborate with Northampton College in a strategic partnership aimed at fostering growth and excellence in the foodservice industry. Our joint efforts include training programs and apprenticeships, designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the dynamic foodservice environment. Together, we strive to bridge the gap between education and industry, ensuring a seamless transition for students into rewarding careers.


Global excellence in hospitality education.
WhitCo collaborates with the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) to help shape the future of the hospitality industry. IIHM, established in 1994, is a prominent player in hospitality education, and this partnership aims to empower culinary professionals with globally recognised skills and international degrees. WhitCo’s CEO and Commercial Director, Vita Whitaker, is a Fellow of IIHM and the collaboration reflects a shared vision of promoting excellence and internationally relevant education.


Breaking boundaries through food.
The Young Chef Olympiad (YCO) is the largest culinary competition for students globally, involving participants from over 50 countries. It serves as a platform for young talents in the international culinary community to connect, share ideas, and showcase their innovations. Through the medium of food, YCO fosters connections that transcend cultural, social, and geographical boundaries. WhitCo’s CEO and Commercial Director, Vita Whitaker, will be part of the UK delegation traveling to Delhi to contribute as a judge on the YCO panel.