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Innovation Tuesdays at WhitCo: A deep dive into culinary evolution

Discover the heart of innovation every Tuesday at WhitCo’s Customer Experience Centre, where we delve into the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies shaping the hospitality industry. Our Innovation Tuesday series, launched in November 2023, has been a beacon of exploration and discovery, bringing together leading suppliers and manufacturers to showcase revolutionary advancements in kitchen equipment and design.

From reimagining the humble panini machine to unveiling the secrets behind high-speed grills, each session offers a unique insight into the transformative power of innovation. Our diverse line-up of headliners, including Electrolux, Retigo, MyChef, Rational, Magnete, Aqua Mundus, CCP, and many more, ensures that every Innovation Tuesday is packed with invaluable knowledge and inspiration.

Here is a summary list of all the Innovation Tuesday events held at our immersive Customer Experience Centre:

  • November (21.11.23) – Panini – Electrolux, Retigo, MyChef & Rational
  • January (16.01.24) – Fogs – Magnete, Aqua Mundus, CCP
  • February (13.02.24) – Hobs & Griddles – Electrolux & Blue Seal
  • February (27.02.24) – Refrigeration Blast Chilling & Freezing – Foster, Friulinox, Liebherr & Williams
  • March (12.03.24) – Trips & Slips – Altro
  • March (19.03.24) – K Pots Serving food – BGL Rieber
  • March (19.03.24) – Open Displays & Refrigerated Draw units – Adande

Innovation Tuesday isn’t just about showcasing the latest gadgets—it’s about understanding the evolving needs of food operators and hospitality professionals. By exploring design changes and addressing industry demands head-on, we pave the way for better ways to serve our clients and uncover sales opportunities that drive success.

Join us on this journey of exploration and growth as we redefine the future of the culinary landscape, one Innovation Tuesday at a time. Stay tuned for upcoming sessions and be part of the conversation shaping the future of hospitality.