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Join us for a great party in a good cause

By Admin | Jun 8, 2021

We’re in party mode and looking to raise £6,000 for MNDA, the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Three days of food, fun, drink and music for the weekend of July 16 – 18. In the first instance contact to find out more.

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Congratulations to Carmela

By Admin | Sep 21, 2020

Our congratulations and thanks to Carmela Webb, our super general manager who has just clocked up 19 years of continuous service and dedication to Whitco and our wonderful customers. Thank you Carmela.

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Dine out to help out

By Admin | Aug 6, 2020

We’ve put together a list of as many Dine Out to Help Out registered businesses as we could find in the county of Northamptonshire. It’s been drawn from official government sources – which aren’t great at yielding up the full picture. So please forgive us if we’ve missed anyone out. Let us know and we’ll…

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Getting kitchens back to work after the Covid shutdown and beyond….

By Admin | Apr 17, 2020

When the lockdown ends, you need to know that your kitchen is safe, clean and ready to start working again.  For the good of your business, your team and your customers – and because it’s good to finally sleep well at night – you need a safe certified solution that offers peace of mind. Whitco…

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Advice for first aiders on Covid-19

By Admin | Apr 8, 2020

First aid is a vital skill – now more than ever. We’re happy to share here the first aid advice from the good people at St John Ambulance ( on how to operate during the current situation.  Download a link to the file here.

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Avoiding Covid cross-contamination

By Admin | Mar 18, 2020

Some help and advice to keep everyone safe from Coronavirus

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Recognition for our work at West London University

By Admin | Mar 4, 2020

Many thanks to Students Union CEO Tye McMahon for publicly recognising our contribution to the the gleaming new sports facilities at the University of West London. We were working on the development of Coffee Union, a new café at the university last summer when we were asked to step in and get a new gym…

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Hats off to Daryll – 20 years at Whitco

By Admin | Feb 14, 2020

Today marks the twentieth anniversary of the day that Daryll Swainson joined us here at Whitco as warehouse manager. He is so much more. Over 20 years, he has rolled up his sleeves and pitched in with absolutely anything that needed doing. he’s a great example and a great team player. Our ability to grow…

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New look for Jeff’s Way

By Admin | Jan 29, 2020

Jeff’s Way, the fundraising operation that we set up two years ago, is starting the new year with a new structure – and a new look. Jeff’s Way was named in memory of Whitco founder Jeff Whitaker who died earlier that year. Jeff’s Way supports three pillars that supported Jeff’s career: education, security and opportunity.  At…

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